Friday, December 29, 2006

This is Where I Eventually Want to Be

Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Christian Environmental Movement?: Creation Care

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These links are also probably not directly related to peak oil but I find interesting just the same as I am Christian and am finally seeing what I would like to see out of the organized church in these groups.

Is God Green? Special by Bill Moyers

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Maybe this is not peak oil related but I found it very interesting and want to share.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


See video here. It's approximately 35 minutes long. Google video.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Age of Oil Short

Sorry--I'm finding alot of good ones tonight on YouTube.
Peak Oil and Politics

Matt has some video clips on YouTube. This one is promoting the new documentary, Oil Crash. I haven't seen them yet but they ought to be good. Matt, your voice is alot deeper than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush Urged to Break Oil Dependence

This is similar to the last article posted below this one.
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"America's transport system is 97 per cent dependent on oil. More than 90 per cent of world oil supply is controlled by foreign governments. "America must address this critical weakness." Said P.X. Kelley, a retired Marine Corps general. "An oil supply interruption cannot be reasonably dismissed as improbable."

However, there is deep-seated scepticism about the willingness of the Bush administration, which has yet to endorse the theory of global warming, to take the tough steps most energy experts say are necessary to reduce America's dependence on oil.

Last January Mr Bush declared that America was "addicted to oil". But Mr Bush's announcement was not followed by any significant change in energy strategy. "There is very little reason to believe that the White House will take the tough measures necessary to make this happen," said a Washington-based energy lobbyist. "There is no appetite, say, to impose a carbon tax or for putting a floor under the price of oil that would incentivise investors to put their money into alternative energy."

However, the US administration wants to step up co-operation with China on energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels. Energy and the environment will be among the topics addressed in Friday's final session of the US-China strategic economic dialogue involving top officials meeting in Beijing."

Executives Urge Action to Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil

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Still not good enough for me but here's a start:

The group, which includes top executives from the chemical, trucking and airline industries, wants much tougher fuel economy standards, not only on cars and sport utility vehicles, but also on heavy trucks, which some of the companies use. They want increased drilling offshore and within the United States, a much harder push for ethanol and other biofuels, and other changes that would permanently reduce the importance of oil as a strategic commodity and an economic force.

While the group, called the Energy Security Leadership Council, has embraced no startling new ideas, it hopes that evidence of broad support from business and military leaders will add the weight needed to get its proposals adopted.

Energy policy is in “almost perfect gridlock,” Frederick W. Smith, the founder and chief executive of FedEx, who is co-chairman of the group, said in a telephone interview. “It’s the height of folly for the U.S. to continue on this course, lest we have some major economic or national security problem. Something has to get done.”

Saudis Say They Might Back Sunnis is U.S. Leaves Iraq

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"Mr. Obaid also suggested that Saudi Arabia could cut world oil prices in half by raising its production, a move that he said “would be devastating to Iran, which is facing economic difficulties even with today’s high oil prices.” The Saudi government disavowed Mr. Obaid’s column, and Prince Turki canceled his contract."