Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fence Done

fence project

Well, the fence is almost finished. We still have to finish painting the inside. Ugh. I can tell my age now after painting the outside perimeters!

As you can see, my windows really need replacing. They're as old as the house--almost 30 years old. They're those old National Homes windows that have (it seems like) 3 panes of windows to remove and clean all the time. They were supposed to be energy efficient but I think we can do better these days. We think we might replace one at a time and pay as we go. I've really been paying close attention to those on RunningOnEmpty2 who talk about window replacement and insulation. Don't have the money yet but I want to know where I want to go with getting new windows for the best energy efficiency. I think I'm interested in those passive solar reflective-type of windows.

This picture is taken viewing the south and west sides of the house. It really gets a beating from the sun. I can't talk my spouse into getting solar panels for the south side there with only 2 windows. The tree in the back (west side)that is located close to the house has really helped with cooling the house in the hot summer. The fence helps keep the deer out of the garden and prevents the winter wind from beating the house too badly.

My first garden this year was only made up of 3-2x8s and a 4x4 raised bed. I will have plenty of space for more raised beds I plan to do as soon as I can find time and money. My spouse also wants us to buy a small shed so we can store bicycles, Christmas stuff, and gardening materials. Money, money, again.....one thing at a time, I guess.

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