Saturday, February 17, 2007

Matt Simmons (Bloomberg): Peak Oil Now, Oil Perhaps to $300

Tried to post this last week but Google wouldn't accept my new Blogger Beta status. This is too important not to post, especially for people who aren't as peak oil aware.


Anonymous said...

Better than most of Simmons' emotional outbursts.

Why do we need to know that Peaknik is a 'born-again Christian'? Does this make her opinion more valuable to the rest of us?

peaknik said...

Well you're pretty rude. Welcome to my blog. When I'm reading, I like to know the viewpoint and the background information of the writer or poster. Everybody has bias. Weren't you taught this in school?

Excuse me while I go and tweak my "comments" section soas not to allow trolls to respond.

shawaddict said...

Peak oil can best be understood by examining Hubbert's graph and related whale oil shortages in the 1860's.