Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Global warming's impact already costs plenty;

CEO Economic Update: Global warming's impact already costs plenty;
from the page: "The mathematical model looked at the future cost of oil, its related chemical and rubber end products, metals, and the cost of electricity. In short, it was a comprehensive look at how the world might change if Kyoto was enacted, and doing so would be expensive. So expensive, API concluded solutions should be left to future and richer generations.

Ten years later, per capita GDP has grown by $6,000, so we are certainly richer. But more importantly, the other side of the argument is becoming clearer: The cost of doing nothing has an attachable dollar cost.

Back when the simulations were being drawn up, the cost of doing nothing was unclear. Today, with hundreds of destroyed building, and tens of thousands dead, it's time to weigh the cost of doing something against the cost of doing nothing.

Chart: No matter the measurement, warming is on the rise."


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alochin said...

A few years back, if was already clear who was the winner, between Toyota's Prius, and the armada of American's SUVs. Investing is a solution (or at least a temporary fix) has proven more successful business than accelerating the problem.

We have dilapidated our energy inheritance, and are now asking our descendants to pay for it. What a generation of A** we are!