Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dongtan Eco-city for 500,000

Dongtan in Wikipedia, click here.

Dongtan is planned to open, with accommodation for 50,000, by the time the Expo 2010 opens in Shanghai. By 2040, the city is slated to be one-third the size of Manhattan with a total eventual population of 500,000.

Dongtan was presented at the United Nations World Urban Forum by China as an example of an eco-city, and is the first of up to four such cities to be designed and built in China by Arup, a global design and engineering company. The cities are planned to be ecologically friendly, with zero-greenhouse-emission transit and complete self-sufficiency in water and energy, together with the use of zero energy building principles. However, the planned ecological footprint for each citizen in Dongtan is currently 2.2 hectares[1], higher than the 1.9 hectares that is theoretically sustainable on a global scale.

Dongtan proposes to have only green transport movements along its coastline. People will arrive at the coast and leave their cars behind, traveling along the shore as pedestrians, cyclists or on sustainable public transport vehicles.

Steven Finnegan, a British Environmental architect is working on the project.



I can't wait to see this place.

And before 2010, how do I get in touch? I'd love you to be involved with a green project I'm helping put together.

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luis said...

Great post!

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WRGII said...

I have been reading a lot about Dongtan. I visited Shanghai in January and the air was awful! We didn't have a clear day in 5.

Recently, I found a series of articles and interviews about Dongtan at

The series has videos also!