Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oil Apocalypse on History Channel's Mega Disasters Tuesday

Just an FYI alert for all you peak oilers. The History Channel has included "Oil Apocalypse" in the field of Mega Disasters. It will air this Tuesday evening, November 13th at 11pm & Wednesday, November 14th at 3am (eastern time?). In the preview, Richard Heinberg was being interviewed. Check the History Channel for times in your area.

I also heard that during a prime-time football game today, T.Boone Pickens was discussing peak oil in between! How odd!


John in LA said...

thanks for this tip. i watched the show and linked your site in my latest post

peaknik said...

Thanks john in la! I like your blog!

Unfortunately, I had to work that night. It's a pity they didn't present it during primetime. I was able to catch it at 3am but I fell asleep after getting home from work. However, the posting wasn't for me anyway. I know everything the show would talk about. It's old news for me! lol