Saturday, December 01, 2007

This clip is pathetic...

I must be a genius. This video, if real, is absolutely a pathetic commentary on the common person in the U.S. No wonder we're freakin' doomed. What has happened to America?


JmG said...

I'm horrified.
We dumb.

"Which one is throwing the rocks?!"

But at least I feel better about myself.

peaknik said...

Well, the ones making the clip wouldn't have included anyone who actually knew the answers to any of the questions but still....I bet I'd get many of the same types of answers as in this clip from people who live around me in the same city. I think it frightens me more than anything.

Shaun said...

Of course this clip was spun for humor's sake, but NO ONE should be that stupid. There's no excuse for being that stupid! I don't know how anyone could BECOME that stupid!!

It might be a sad commentary on America, but it could also just be a sad commentary on that particular US culture. Generally speaking, we're not that stupid up here in the Pacific Northwest. Too bad we can't get a guy in Oval Office. Too many coffee shops and not enough megachurches up here I guess.