Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oily Cassandra--i.e., how to get men to listen to peak oil

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Step Back said...


Very funny. Is that you or a hired college student?

As a man, I found that my brain was unable to multi-task.

So it quickly switched into watching the soft porn on the right and ignoring the verbal message.

Also because I happen to be a "visual" thinker rather than an auditory-centric one, the visual on the right over-whelmed my neo-cortex and prevented it from entering into a critical visual thinking mode.

The idea of using Madison Avenue techniques is of course a good one. However it needs much more work so as to get the message across. What if you had the dancer step over from a blank screen backdrop to one that shows a Hubbert curve and she starts pointing to key aspects as she dances? And the music is a rap song that conveys the message? That would help the non-multi-tasking male brain to better integrate all the mixed messages.

Good first attempt.

--just a few feedback observations from a Neanderthal male :-)

Chile said...

Hm, as a female, no issues with multi-tasking. Maybe males need to watch it twice ... for each side of the brain. ;-)