Sunday, March 09, 2008

How to Make A Self-Watering Container & Other DIY Videos

Click here to go to Video Jug for demonstration on making a self-watering container (SWC).

Also check out these:
How to make your own compost.
How to plant potatoes. (something of interest to me since I'm trying out potatoes in the garden this year!)
How to plant onions.
How to plant carrots.
How to plant garlic.

I think I'll post a link to Videojug in my sidebar if I haven't already. I couldn't find any how-to videos on pruning my grapevine (which I need to to ASAP). Any contributors out there?

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Bruce F said...

A few of us who live in the city of Chicago are trying to grow heirloom vegetables on our rooftops in cheap homemade earthboxes. It sounds more than a little preposterous to suggest that what we're doing is a real solution, but it might be a tiny piece. We think they're a great way to build connections in a fragmented social/political landscape.

Not selling anything, I'm giving "it" away.

Here's the , along side the pics is a little how-to guide with plenty of links.