Friday, June 12, 2009

The transition has begun in earnest.

Update: June 12, 2009;

The transition has begun in earnest. Of the big three auto builders in North America, Ford is standing tall with a world class hybrid model line-up. Many towns and cities throughout the world have established sustainability strategies in addition to existing recycling programs. Carbon trading, although controversial, is slowly growing. May you/we live in interesting times!

One brief article on electric cars:

MONTREAL - Hydro-Québec and Ford Motor Co. are collaborating on a program to test plug-in electric cars, the two companies said Tuesday.

The auto company, along with the Electric Power Research Institute, picked Hydro as one of nine utilities to join a North America-wide demonstration and research plan for plug-in electric vehicles.

The three-year test program on the Ford Escape is designed to develop and evaluate technical approaches for integrating plug-ins into the electric grid. Hydro-Québec is the only Canadian company participating in the project.

"We have to accelerate the replacement of oil by electricity for individual transportation and public transit. The transport sector accounts for 42 per cent of Québec’s greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that could be achieved through the electrification of transport in Québec, where 98 per cent of the electricity is produced from renewable sources, would be considerable. Hydro-Québec will act as a leader in this area," said Thierry Vandal, Hydro president and CEO.

Refueling costs for an average vehicle driven 18,000 kilometres per year would be $244, compared with $1,383, the Electric Power Research Institute estimates. Based in several U.S. states, the non-profit institute conducts research and development into the use of electric energy.

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Unknown said...

Just found your blog via facebook and have added to my blogroll at Permaculture and Regenerative Design News
Keith Johnson

peaknik said...

Thanks Keith! I don't update this blog as much as I used to (facebook & Twitter suck my time up) but I carry some excellent links. This post was posted by my co-blogger sustain-ability. I will return the favor and post a link to your website! :)

peaknik said...

Great looking blog, by the way, Keith!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. Have we met? Peter Bane and I are on the Peak Oil Task Force committee.

peaknik said...

Sadly we have not. I live too far north of the Bloomington area to be as active as I'd like to be. Not enough interest in my locale. I gave a peak oil presentation on my own in 2004 at our local library showing "The End of Suburbia" and nobody showed up except for my mother and a friend of hers. I gave up searching for like-minded folks after that.

I have been given several Oil posters to give the members of my city council if I ever get up the nerve. At one point I was given a contact name of someone on the city council in Bloomington by a member of my peak oil discussion group ROE3, Dennis Brumm from the SF Bay area. My hope was for this contact to come up and help me with a presentation to my city council but I figured he was busy enough with his own city. lol