Monday, January 09, 2006

Hard Drive Burned Up. Spyware Abounds.

Sorry but the hard drive on my laptop had burned up almost literally! I had to purchase another hard drive--so everything I had on the old one is gone now. Oh well. Purchased a cooler to place under the laptop for this new one.

Now my main objective is to try and build Fort Knox-like anti-spyware into my computer. It's getting really bad. I suppose it's the Yahoogroups I read and all the surfing I do when I click on people's links. On my other computer, I have this terrible one called Virtumonde or something like that. I can't seem to get rid of it. I delete it every day at least once. It or another type of spyware/hijacker takes control of my browser and redirects it. I can't even search for anything on Google without it redirecting to what looks like the Lycos search engine, then it sometimes goes to sites not to my liking, if you know what I mean. Brother!

I just went to Lavasoft and downloaded some anti-spyware including Spybot S&D, AdAware SE Personal, and Counter Spy. I tried XoftSpy but it requires purchasing it after identifying spyware from a free scan. I'm half afraid to purchase anything online like that for fear it's a counterfeit site!

I went from IE to Mozilla Firefox as a browser after others' suggestions. Any other suggestions?

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