Friday, January 20, 2006

Under Strains of Peak Oil and Gas,Ideology Stretches to the Limit

Hello all. I know. I'm slacking on my entries lately. My excuse? Found a new job and have been searching online for scholarships for my daughter to fill out to help ME (and her)with expenses. I know--some of you are saying she should worry about that herself. I can't change horses at this stage in the game. I've beat college into her head since she could walk. So, if I can help her get at least $1000 in scholarships to pay for books, she can spend the rest of the spring/summer saving her money, too.

I am now going to be a WIC supervisor. This will provide nutritional education and vouchers for the local Farmer's Market for them to use! I will be promoting sustainability!

Anyway, to the point. I post this article because it gives reference to someone I "know" (well, at least via e-mail in a yahoogroup). His name is Tom Wayburn and I have a link in my sidebar to his site. He is a very intelligent person who has been thinking about how an adequate political system might be established with peak oil in mind. He calls his idea of a more perfect sustainable political system "anarcho-communism". Obviously, Mr./Dr. Wayburn has written other articles for FTW of which I've missed. But it was nice to see his name "in lights" so-to-speak.

The article also mentions my other favorites like Chalmers and Nader, and gives reference to my favorite villian Perle. I've heard of Thomas Friedman before but I don't think I've read his work. There was an article in the local newspaper the other day where our local high school's career center principal mentioned how he was reading a book by Thomas Friedman, and how he could relate to what Friedman said in the book concerning what he needs to teach the students at the career center if they are to be successful. Ugh to this--if Friedman is positing right-sided economics.

My entries may be far and few inbetween or sporadic. I'm going through lots of changes this year just as the world is.....

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