Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Journal Entry #2 of My Journey

Gardening 101

Everything I've planted has now sprouted except for oregano, lemon balm, bee balm, cauliflower, and rosemary. One grow light has burned out. I'm operating on one now, so all of the little sprouts are reaching in one direction. I'll have to rotate their positions to give them a little exercise.

I've filled my new deck containers with potting soil and have direct-planted Tom Thumb peas, lettuce blend, scallions, and spinach. I can't figure out what I want in the 4th planter yet. I need to get more soil, too. My herbs will go on a tiered planter on my deck also.

I'm a little late on direct-sowing my scarlet runner beans, sugar snap peas, beets and turnips that I was going to experiment with. I'm trying to get my fence staining project finished before I allow them to climb up the trellis I attached to the fence. Should be done by the end of the week.

Post-Peak Oil & Disaster Prepping

Not much done since last entry. Not enough money at the moment. But my wish list keeps getting longer. As always...I've bought more food to rotate this week.

Sustainability Practices & Community

Thankfully the heat is not needed right now. It's finally turned down after those high bills. Dh is walking to work now that it's warmer. I still had to drive 4 hours total to buy a prom dress for daughter's upcoming prom. I have to drive to another 4 hours Thursday for a Farmer's Market meeting to represent my job at WIC. I get reimbursed .40 cents/mile for that--woohoo! Not. Gas is presently $2.89/gallon.

Had to attend a local Farmer's Market meeting for my job representing WIC. I look at this as an added plus because I met some more people who are growing food locally. New local producers include people who grow chickens, eggs, all kinds of fruit trees. I feel like I'm actually incognito by scouting out my connections in the event of catastrophe! I plan to buy my corn, squashes, and melons from the market because I don't have the proper room to grow these things. I will attempt to preserve these things I buy at the market.

My Meet-Up Oil Awareness is nil again this month. Nobody has joined and the monthly meeting is tomorrow. I've wasted another $19 this month on a group that doesn't exist.

Wish List
--more energy efficient windows and doors
--geothermal heating system
--Excalibur Food Dehydrator
--Pump 'N Seal Foodsaver
....does it ever end? How can I afford all of this and what to buy first? I'm stumped. These things aren't cheap for me. Sometimes I think I should just break down and put them all on credit and be done with it. They aren't going to get any cheaper and I just may need that Berkefeld water purifier before I can get it!

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