Saturday, April 15, 2006

Purdue University Extension::Preserving and Storing Foods .pdf Links

Since my new job is with WIC, it involves alot of teaching mothers and their children not only about nutrition but also about basic food preparation and storage. This week, I was required to attend a state Farmer's Market meeting for WIC personnel. I had the pleasure of listening to the Purdue Extension come and speak and give a demonstration on how to freeze foods. They also gave us a handout which included all of these links. I felt like those of you interested in peak oil and subsequently interested in growing and preserving your own foods might like these handy little .pdfs that you can print out. I find them handy because growing and preserving food is all new to me. So enjoy!!!

Preserving Vegetables

Freezing Vegetables at Home
Let's Preserve Sweet Corn
Let's Preserve Snap Beans
Let's Preserve Leafy Greens
Let's Preserve Peppers
Let's Preserve Pickles
Let's Preserve Sauerkraut
Let's Preserve Tomatoes

Preserving Fruits

Freezing Fruit at Home
Let's Preserve Apples
Let's Preserve Berries (Except Strawberries)
Let's Preserve Cherries
Let's Preserve Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines
Let's Preserve Pears
Let's Preserve Strawberries
Let's Preserve Fruit Pie Fillings
Let's Preserve Jelly, Jam, Spreads
Uncooked Jams

Drying Foods

Drying Foods at Home

Safe Storage of Foods

Spotlight on Freezer Storage
Spotlight on Refridgerator Storage
Spotlight on Cupboard Storage

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