Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New World Order, Forged in the Gulf

Click here for the full and LONG story by Andrew G. Marshall

(If the page comes up blank or without the article, click on the sidebar "Middleast" and look for the title and author. It was wayyy too long to copy here. It took me almost 2 hours off and on to read and absorb all of it. Of course, I'm slow that way.)

Is anybody ready for a short review of American geopolitical history to the present? You'll find it in this article. I think we often need a reminder. I did. The article puts many pieces of the puzzle together concerning American geopolitics over at least the last 30 years or so.

The author implies how and why different governmental figures implemented the things America and Britain has done and what role certain think tanks, politicos, multinationals, and individuals play(ed) in the scheme of geopolitical events that have occurred and are occurring.

I would roughly guess that 95% of the populace doesn't even have the attention span to want to find any of this out or to remember it. Even if they did, they would not give it much afterthought. Personally, being the kind of deep thinker I am, I feel kind of powerless myself but I simply don't have the kind of heart to drop it just because I can't do anything about it. I hate to be melodramatic but it just makes me hurt inside for all the poor innocent souls out there who have to endure the brunt of a worldwide geopolitical game run by a huge bunch of untouchables. One day it could be me. I wish I could convince those in control that we, the human race, are all no more important than the jellyfish, including them. Not that we aren't important to each other on an individual basis or that human life isn't precious. To the contrary! Everything is precious! However, none of us last forever, just as with the jellyfish.

Here's a few things I learned or subconsciously re-recalled from the article. Did you know our government helped form the Taliban and covertly supported reviving and kindling Islamic fundamentalism so that they would resist any attempts of control from the USSR? We funded and supplied them with ammunition to fight the Soviets in the Afghan-Russia war? Did you know that in WWI the Brits more or less appointed the Sauds as the Royal family for Saudi Arabia? The Saudis are Sunni and Iran are Shia. They've hated each other for at least a century. There was a dispute between Iraq and Kuwait over whose oil was near their border next to each other. Kuwait was using their oil, Saddam had lots of debt owed to a lot of multinationals and could not produce enough of their own oil to pay off the debts. When he asked the U.N. and the U.S. Sec. of State Baker if he could invade, they said they had no opinion. He invaded, we attacked. The Kuwaitis never alerted their military about the possible invasion! Afghanistan was the key location (in between) for extending a planned pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. OBL is a member of the Saudi Royal family. 911 was perpetuated by Saudi Islamic fundamentalist extremists. The neocons and the big oil multinationals (U.S., Europeans, Arabs) disagree on how to control the Iraqi oil at this point--privatize and split it up or state oil-run OPEC member? That Brezienzki (sp?) was the left's Henry Kissinger. Brezienzki wanted to monopolize the Mideast and Asia covertly, the neocons and big oil believe things are best won by brute military might. Oh, there's much more in that article. I'm just not remembering it all right now.

The sad part about all of this is that I bet no children within our educational system have ever been taught any of this nor ever will. If so, there might be some more informed people in our populace today who would understand what is happening. No longer is it taught how to think but mostly what to think by process of not presenting the whole picture. Heck, some people might even side with the law of competition and fully agree with these actions of worldwide imperialism (which is contrary to my conclusions). I would be okay with that. I just wish we were told the truth. The WHOLE truth and not just little soundbytes of news snippets from the oligarchy called the mass media. What we ought to have is an informed electorate who votes in elections on foreign, economic, social, environmental, etc., policies from the various think tanks! All the candidates have been are representatives of certain policies designed by these think tanks!

Oh, I'll get off my soapbox now. There was a really awesome saying I liked off one the blogs called Blue Girl, Red State and it says: "America is founded on four boxes: 1) The Soap Box, 2) The Ballot Box, 3) The Jury Box, and 4) The Ammo that order. LOL

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