Friday, November 18, 2005

baloghblog: Wal*Mart revisited (the topic that is)


What baloghblog says I can't repeat enough. I've been making a special effort lately to NOT go to my local Walmart. I have to confess, I've gone for compact fluorescent lights but I make sure it's a brand that's made in the USA. There are no longer any mom 'n pop stores in the neighborhoods I grew up in around my small town. The lumber yards are slowly dying because of Home Depot just built here a few years ago. I absolutely HATE to go in those big stores. Old people have a hard time getting around in them. There is no practically service in these places. You have to walk a mile to find a salesperson only to find they don't know anything about what you're looking for because it's not in "their" department. Some of them even try to avoid you because they have other things to do besides help you. It's pitiful. Then, if you go in on "down time" thinking you can get in and out quicker, it's a wash because then there is only one cash register open out of 25 and a line that extends to the lingerie department! This is aside from all of the things probably covered in the movie. I've been paying 75 cents at my local Rural King or grocery store rather than 50 cents at Walmart for my dog food just so I don't have to go there. Please heed baloghblog's advice, I'm trying to.

I'm getting ready for my peak oil presentation tomorrow. That's why I haven't posted much this week. Wish me luck!

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