Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"End of Suburbia" screening report

Maybe I'm the One Who's Nuts!!

Apologies for not posting about the screening right away. It's taken a few days for me to digest and I've also been quite busy.

I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that society is definitely comprised of a slowly boiling pot of frogs. Exactly 2 people attended my presentation Saturday. Those 2 people consisted of my mother and a friend she brought along. They were my moral support, so I'm thankful they came. We went ahead and watched the screening because they hadn't seen it yet. My mother has already been aware but has been quite ill and is disabled from a stroke. There is not much she can do about peak oil at this point. For purposes of confidentiality, I will not discuss my mother's friend's background.

I made handouts for everything from a book list, helpful websites with PO information, energy conservation tips, PO facts, etc. I also had on display several books I have related to the peak oil issue. Too bad nobody is interested. To be fair, maybe it was at he wrong time. It was on a nice sunny Saturday when people might of had other things planned. But who DOESN'T have things planned all the time anymore. I guess this just wasn't high on the list of anyone's priorities. I guess something that might bother someone's conscience never is.

I'm not going to quit totally. I'm still going to stay involved with the local community groups I've joined to try and steer my community towards sustainability incognito. I don't see any reason to outwardly announce to the world anything about peak oil because they could care less until it affects them in their pocketbook. I imagine they'll just have to wait until then. To know the seriousness of the situation would put anybody to action, I would think. I suppose this is not ingrained into all human wiring.

I went to a local political party meeting lastnight and after the meeting I was discussing some of the issues of peak oil related to the recent job losses in the auto manufacturing industry. My area where I live within a 30-mile radius will be losing at least 1000 jobs at the beginning of the year. Delphi and Chrysler are the largest employers in this area. The person I was speaking to about the relationship of peak oil to the way things are going told me I was an "oddity". I know he meant it in a good way but I can't help being left to think I'm very alone on this issue in my community.

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