Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Online Green Shopping

Since I haven't had very good luck spreading the word about peak oil lately, I've been working more on myself and how I can become more sustainable in my living. Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, I've decided to take a look at what some of the environmental blogs are touting.

For instance, treehugger has several links and ideas for the green shopper. How about a recycled wrapper handbag? They really look nice and they plant a tree for every bag sold. Unfortunately, they're a little pricey for my pocketbook right now.

I've been needing some bath & kitchen towels recently, so I did a search for "hemp towels" and here is what I found: Rawganique. I think the place is actually located in Georgia, the country. I guess that's not very peak oil acceptable to have it shipped all the way from there, but their things look nice. Again, they are a little costly for me. I'll put them on my wish list, though.

Since I can't totally avoid Christmas gift giving with my family, I'm really pretty limited in what I can do. Most of them don't understand or don't accept peak oil so I would probably get a wrinkled nose if I turned around this year and gave them basic necessities au naturale. I've also thought about giving to a local charity in their name. Don't know how well that would go over either. My mother is doing it, though. I think I might stay local and go to this organic health store I found and find some things there. I also might do a lot of baking and give some presents that way, too. There is also this new homemade candle business that just opened up around my city somewhere but I can't find it and I don't know the name of it! I thought about purchasing some candles locally for some of my friends. Most of the kids and grandkids just want money to go and buy their commercially-made gadgets. My husband's side of the family has always just given each other money. My side of the family has never been big on gift giving. They often get you something you could care less about. It's the friend arena whereas I think I can get creative. I've got 5 birthdays aside from Christmas this month. Sigh. It's a tough month where I can't get much prepping done for myself or pay off debt. It's kind of frustrating!

Anyway, it's fun to look at all the Green sites and look at all the things you wish you could have or that others would like.

This month should be kind of light on the blogging for me. I'm sure it's busy for all of you, too. We probably should take a breather because I fear for what's coming after the first of the year....

That reminds me--I've received some of my first seed catalogs for 2006! We should be planning for spring planting soon!

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