Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Interdictor--New Orleans blogger in a high rise

The Interdictor

Just found this. I'm sorry but I'm glued to the post-hurricane developments for now. I was so upset this morning that I called both my Senators AND my Representative and told them to do something NOW! I was frantic. They said they were getting all kinds of calls like mine and they will pass it on to their superior. I was really upset at one girl who was answering the phone for my Rep. Chris Chocola. She said, "the TV is only showing the bad things" like it was no big deal that I'm seeing dehydrated desparate babies and old people amd dead people lying all over the streets. Well, anyway, I hope the message got across. I feel like there was ample time to have a plan in place before the storm took place. Ridiculous.

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