Sunday, September 18, 2005

Preparation Plunders

Hi all! Not a whole lot happening right around me right now. I'm just plain BUSY. I'll probably pick up with more posting when it gets colder and things slow down. Aside from the usual dealings of life and family, I've been busy making a list of things I want to buy in order prepare for more simple living in the future. Here's a beginning to my wish list:

-pressure canner
-canning jars & lids
-battery charger
-solar powered back pack (cool item I saw bloggers in New Orleans have)
-small gas/propane tank for the grill (winter cooking!)
-some good knives
-stainless steel kettles
-rain gauge
-compost bin (make or buy, either way)
-indoor & outdoor clotheslines
-72-hour MRE meals for my bugout bag
-Ball Blue Book of canning and preserving
-materials for making cold frames for my existing raised beds
-materials for making some more raised beds for next year
-peach and apple trees & items to protect them after I plant them
-winter cover crop seeds (gotta get those soon!)
-vacuum/pump sealer & appropriate jars

Well, that's just a start. I have no idea HOW I'm going to be able to afford everything right now. My daughter is in her senior year and it's proving to be an expensive year so far! Senior pictures are up next! We've already had college application fees, SAT/ACT fees, volleyball team fees, book fees, school clothes, etc. After senior pictures comes 2 semi-formal dances and the prom! Don't forget cap & gown fees...then the graduation party!

This summer has also produced some stumbling blocks such as a hit-and-run driver hitting our vehicle ($500 deductible) and both the washer & dryer breaking down needing repairs along with a heating/cooling check-up ($450). The H/C checkup also consisted of installment of an energy-saving thermostat. Hope it will work!

We also spent almost $1000 to replace our fence that blew down from rain and wind last year. This was a good investment, though, as I've had NO more deer problems in my garden!

It's just very frustrating not to be able to move quicker to obtain the things on my wish list! We've spent about $2000 on things (mentioned above) this summer that could've been used for preparations! Ugh!

Don't forget! Christmas is coming! Grrr(inch)!

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