Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Workin' on the fence

After heavy rains and a wind storm last year, we were able to replace our existing privacy fence that blew down. Now the deer haven't been able to eat my garden anymore! YAY! We'll be too old to build the fence ourselves the next time it needs replaced. Digging postholes is not fun!
Here's the guy who has been putting up with all of my peak oil fanaticism! He's not totally on-board the peak oil train yet but I'm working on him! We ended up ordering 7 tons of good black soil for the fence. He was using some old hard clay-type soil we had leftover from another project.
Here's the south side of the fence. We still need to paint it. I'm planning on planting some fruit trees in front of this fence if I can keep the dog leashes and deer away from them! Last year I planted 3 cherry trees there and they were killed by dog leashes wrapping around them when people walked their dogs along the sidewalk.

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