Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's time for a little bit of Aretha Franklin

Time out from peak oil for a minute. One song that has been in my head today upon watching the miraculous stories of the evacuees around the U.S. and the hardships they have and will face is by Aretha Franklin and it's called "Surely God Is Able". I have her CD "One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism". It got me through the presidential elections as I played "We Need Power" and "Oh Happy Day" over and over again as I prayed to give me strength even though we were defeated. Actually, I couldn't stand to watch the 2nd presidential debate live, and, instead, listened to this CD while praying/meditating for Kerry to do a good job (it worked because that was the one where Bush did terrible! lol). Yeah, I'm a white girl but the soul of Aretha Franklin is in me! Don't underestimate the good, downtrodden, poor, African-American section of America. They KNOW adversity and are a very resilient people. The strength and faith of some of the poor and oppressed are an inspiration to me, and many times I look towards their strength when I'm down.

If you have a file-sharing system, try to download these songs from Aretha Franklin from the CD I mentioned above:

1. Surely God is Able
2. Introduction to Higher Ground by Rev. Jasper Williams
2. Higher Ground
3. I've Been In The Storm Too Long
4. Packing up, Getting Ready To Go
5. Jesus Hears Every Prayer

Sorry, non-Christians. I'm just expressing my faith in these tumultuous times in hopes that others might receive the solace and peace that I receive with Aretha's music sometimes. Take it as you will.

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