Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ConocoPhillips to acquire Burlington Resources for $35.6B - Dec. 13, 2005

CNN Money

Okay. This is amusing but yet it's not. Most of us in the peak oil groups know that natural gas will deplete faster than oil will and that natural gas has already peaked in North America. With that said, has anyone seen ConocoPhillips' new commercial that airs daily on the news and financial channels? They tout that natural gas is the answer! Who are they trying to kid? Actually, I believe they're not trying to kid the investors because as natural gas becomes a coveted scarcer resource, the value of the shares will go up, up, up. It's the answer for investors, not for the average Jane's and Joe's on the street. We will be paying out the "ying-yang" for this resource. They are teasing the average Joe and Jane who knows no different. Maybe I'm wrong. It's just a hunch.

If you have any investment money (which I don't, of course), I would say to buy some shares. I would also quit using natural gas and convert to another form of energy because it will be too expensive after a certain point. It may be next year or it may be 10 years from now but it's going to happen. Then comes the demand destruction. You will know that it's time when you hear people say they can't afford NG anymore and are switching their appliances before they need them replaced. Right then, as or before demand destruction takes place, will be when it's time to sell your shares.

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