Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Found a Locally Produced Product!....& Bad News for Cantarell

Yesterday, I went shopping at my newly-found organic health food store called Judy's Goodlife Emporium (don't know if she has a website or not). I found a wonderful product made locally and also hand-made! They even have a website anybody can order from! Here it is Water's Edge Natural Soap

I was able to buy locally, eco-friendly, and still satisfy my friends who don't understand my new love of eco/peak oil-friendly ways. This soapmaker had made up some gift items for sale in the health food store. One was a teacup and saucer wrapped up with echinacea tea, 1 bar sniffles soap, 1 bar tea tree Soap, Lip Balm & No Cracks Balm. It's called "Winter Soother". The other gift set I bought was called "Swan Song" which includes a swan-shaped soap dish with handcrafted patchouli soap & milk bath. These are things we women like! One will go to a friend and the other will go for a Christmas gift exchange.

While I was browsing through this store, I also found this product called "Tired Old Ass Soak"! It's a biodegradable and eco-friendly aromatherapeutic mineral bath. Here is the site so you can read about it for yourself: Little Moon Essentials. It's powerfully smelling and contains the essential oils of rosemary and eucalyptus among others. It was a riot when I found out about it and I'm going to give it as a boobie prize to the oldest nurse at my Christmas party!

I still have a couple more gifts to buy and I think I'm going back to my local store and continue to buy these original little things that nobody probably cares to find as most people are probably all at the grand WalMart or other big box stores.

If I ever get my batteries on my camera running again (charger isn't working) I'll take a picture of my gift items.

Oh, by the way, I'm still following peak oil. Things don't sound good regarding the Cantarell fields in Mexico. I think I read about it from Looks like the top link right now, for listening, I mean!

Gotta run! My 97-year-old grandpa wants me to check out and compare return rates on Notes from the automakers online. His GM, Ford, & Chrysler Notes aren't getting as good of a return for him. I'm going to check out the return on Notes for Toyota, Honda, Isuzu-Subaru for him. Looks like he might even switch to CDs. Between his experience and my knowledge of peak oil, we might be able to keep some assets afloat. He won't take anything out of the market completely and he won't buy silver or any of that. Our question is should he keep ahold of those Notes from GM and Ford and take the risk of a possible bankruptsy and then hope for a split stock (which often comes out good) or trade into something else??? Hmmm. Some of his stock is from the 1920s!! Oh well, I'll see what I can find out.

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