Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Step #1 Complete

This is not my community but similar to what I want mine to look like

I've been working for the past few nights but I've also had some new developments occur in my quest for changing the community around me for the better!

Last night at work I was thinking (dangerous thing for me) about ways to make my community more sustainable. If you've been keeping up with any of my blogging, you'll know that I sent off a letter to my local economic development president about some of my ideas. Well, the other night I came up with some more and shot-off some of my ideas via e-mail to the president again. He responded! He actually likes my ideas and talked about having me come and present my ideas to the Chamber! He also wanted to know whether I'd be interested in running for any local offices!? (I guess you have to be in some offices in order to vote for some changes regarding zoning and building codes, right?) Hope they don't lose interest when they find out I'm a registered Democrat! LOL He said he was going to respond to me in fuller detail later when he had more time.

Anyway, I am really excited that I have this opportunity. I sure hope I do alright.

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