Sunday, July 10, 2005


Well, I just wanted to apologize for not posting much in the last week or so. Lots of things going on as is with everyone, I suppose. This weekend I've been working on replacing my fence. We've got the poles up on one side but it's been harder work with the hot weather so we've been taking lots of breaks! Today we'll finish putting up the sections onto the poles. The last side of fencing will have to wait until we have more time and it's not so hot. This involves post hole digging, lifting 80 pound cement bags, and sawing off 10 foot 4x4's. This will finally keep the deer out and away from my garden (six foot privacy fence).

I also spent 2 nights at a 4-H Fair booth for my local political party. Our prize drawing was for a $50 and $25 gas card! Lots of applicants. The other party's drawing was for a flag. I don't know how they did. on edit: Like I've said before, neither party nor the general public really understands what we're up against. If either party really was, the drawing prizes would've been more like energy efficient lights or something solar, etc! LOL

I tried my best to make energy a topic of discussion and continued planting seeds. One discussion I had was with someone who claimed they were a liberal Republican. The hot topic in our town is expansion of a runway for our small airport which would require buy-out of some farmland and a closure of a historical road. This woman was in favor of expansion even though she was a resident who would be affected by the expansion. Her point was one I hadn't thought about. I brought up the point that with the high cost in energy prices, not many large businesses would want to locate in our small town and wouldn't use the small airport. She suggested that with higher energy prices, more businesses would be spending more money on smaller, private aircraft that would use less fuel than by using commercial aircraft. Good point. She also said that with businesses, the slogan "time is money" is pertinent because of the security issues and all the time spent waiting in security check lines at the airports would be avoided if smaller, privately owned aircraft were used by businesses. This would save time and perhaps money. Another good point. This has made me re-think my position on the airport expansion.

Another man approached our booth Friday night with the look of a killer! He was a Chrysler worker who looked like a pro-wrestler. He was spitting out chew into our trash and proceeded to pull up a chair and talk politics. He said he was a Republican but he was thoroughly digusted with both parties but especially his own right now. He also said there needs to be a revolution, and that the war and the elections were all lies. He looked like he would be one who would lead it if need be! LOL I didn't even try to bring up energy issues with him. If I told him the auto-manufacturing business needs to convert into another type of business and why, I don't think I'd be typing this!

Well, I'm getting dragged out to the fence right now (again), so I'll be back around posting later....

p.s. Flying Talking Donkey has some good things on his blog (listed to the right of my blog here) and you should go and check them out! I watched c-span's "Energy and Environmental Issues" with Ted Turner and Bill Clinton and the DLC. It was very good and should be watched by everyone if possible. I'm not normally a DLC person but they have a good idea and they are addressing energy issues, at least, if not just for business opportunity. They think ALOT of jobs could be created if businesses massively turned over to renewables. You've really got to see it!

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