Tuesday, August 23, 2005

CNN.com - Rising fuel costs pinching school districts - Aug 22, 2005


Some districts are having to cut spending elsewhere.

"We know what gets cuts first," said Anne Miller, executive director of the business officials association. "It's going to be the maintenance of the buildings. It's going to be professional development for teachers, and after that, it's going to go right on down the line to school staffing."

OHhhhh great! My spouse just landed a job as a custodian at the local high school within the kitchen in the cafeteria making more money that he ever has, less than a block away. Having lost his last 2 only jobs he's ever had to factories that closed up and moved, this is not a good thing to hear! I told him if the school closes down, we're all in big trouble.....why does it seem that job loss seems to follow him!? I guess it hasn't happened yet. He only has 4 more years to go until he can retire. Hopefully, things will at least stretch out until then. No job is safe anymore.

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