Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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Has all of this Katrina coverage overwhelmed you yet? It has me. I'm almost in tears right now seeing all of the poor who couldn't leave New Orleans scrounge for the last of the food, diapers, water and clothing before the city fills up with water. Sure, I'm not defending the other types of looters who loot the un-needed goods although I have to say that if my home was totally destroyed and I had no way to get out of there at that point, I would be doing the same only for the necessities and not for the diamonds or the money. Who knows when the disaster relief assistance could get in there? Some of them have probably already reasoned that out. Some of them probably don't even know about the levee and the non-working pumps. I feel like I'm watching a live horror story and there's nothing I can physically do right now.

I've been following good coverage and commentary on The Oil Drum and Peak Oil Forum since the storm. I advise anyone reading this to do the same....

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