Friday, August 26, 2005

Heating oil dealers are playing hard to get.

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I had my natural gas heating locked-in to .775 per therm through this past winter. Anybody hear what it will be this year? If it will be a 20% increase that will make it around 90 cents, right? Yikes! I'm on a budget plan and pay $113/month. I still have a $120.00 balance from the winter! In 2003-2004 I only paid $99/month. NIPSCO increased it this May. I shopped around 2 years ago when the prices started to rise (before I knew about peak oil). Instead of going with NIPSCO, I found another company called Border Energy out of New York. They gave me a cheaper fixed winter therm rate than NIPSCO had but I often wonder if this won't be as good as prices rise because I may have to pay more in interstate transportation fees. I couldn't break it down very well from looking at my bill. Anybody out there an expert at any of this?

Yesterday, I had the heating and cooling guy come to clean the furnace and install a new energy saver thermostat. Hope it works as well as it says.

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