Thursday, August 04, 2005

Trip to Indianapolis Today

I had to take my mother for a doctor's appointment today down in Indianapolis. I'm still reading TLE but instead I chose to bring Jared Diamond's "Collapse" for reading during our 5-hour visit for tests and an office visit. Anyway, I had two observations to share.

First, I was horrified by all the new sprawl. I forget the last time I took this route but it hasn't been a year. I couldn't believe all the "McMansions" side-by-side being built! Now I know what real McMansions look like. They look really big, really cheap, and really alike. I also witnessed a "gated" community. It looked like Fort Knox located close to downtown. I have to say, if we ever go into a "Mad Max" scenario in the post-industrialization phase, I can see people with machine guns guarding at the top of the walls just like you'd see on a castle! I'm serious! All that was needed was a moat and some alligators! Road construction was rampant. Detours everywhere. There is some MAJOR road construction going on. I asked myself "why"? don't they realize this will all be so futile in about 50 years? What a waste. I still feel sick.

Secondly, I was able to visit a Trader Joe's! It was awesome! I bought all the organics I could. I couldn't buy anything cold or frozen because of the driving time. I really wish we had one closer to where I live. We don't have anything organic like that for at least a 2-hour radius. I'm definitely writing them tomorrow to see if they will bring a store to my city. May not work in 50 years but, hey, what the heck--at least I can have some pleasure of eating organic food besides my own garden and the farmer's market. I received an email that they sell caged-raised chickens. I'm sure they will change their practices if enough people will complain.

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