Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peak Oil Crisis: Peak Oil & Car Pools

Falls Church News-Press

This the first Falls Church News-Press article on peak oil that I'd say I have to disagree with. I don't think we need government-controlled car pools. I think money would be better spent creating and/or subsidizing sufficient rail systems for transportation to work. Better yet, biking/walking should be subsidized and encouraged, if at all possible.

I'm sure carpooling will happen all on its own in the early stages. I see it happening now. I live in a smaller city and I just don't think forced carpooling would work around here because we don't have enough of a population to create a workable carpool system! For instance, I work 5p-5a without a fixed schedule at the hospital. Sometimes, I'm on-call or called-in unexpectedly. Not many others in this town work an everchanging schedule from 5p-5a. I would be hard-pressed to find a ride. Even if I did, would it be in the same direction as I'm going? Alot of my co-workers are from out of town, too. I just don't think it's workable.

My first thoughts about forced carpooling include wondering why one would want to pay the insurance and care of a car at all if they couldn't drive it that often anyway.

I think we should work for less government control not more, in this respect. As far as I'm concerned, forcing one to take the carpool instead allowing use of their own vehicle is limiting freedom of choice. Yes, I'm a Democrat that wants assured the freedom to use a vehicle just as much as I support freedom of choice in women's rights! The government need not be involved except maybe for subsidizing mass transit efforts. I'm sure letting go of personal use of a car will happen all on its own with rising energy costs.

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