Thursday, May 12, 2005

Downtown Revitalization Plans

It looks like the Logansport Zoning Commission is attempting to allow progress towards downtown revitalization by amending an ordinance to permit apartments above the businesses! I think this is a wonderful idea. I intended on making that meeting for the first time in my life to see what the general concensus was but I had other commitments so I couldn't go. In the local paper tonight, I was upset by the fact that Rochester appears to be moving along faster than we are in revitalization.

Earlier in the year, I emailed Logan's Landing and gave them this link to a website with resources for developing sustainable communities and for downtown revitalization/urbanization programs. They probably already have plenty of resources but I was just trying to help! I never got any response so maybe they never received it. I really need to attend the meetings but I work odd, unscheduled hours and the meetings seem to always be at the crack of dawn just as I'm getting ready for bed after working all night! My thinker doesn't operate very well at that point in time. My brain turns to mush. Maybe someday I can be a real person and work a M-F 9-5 job but I feel as if working all the unwanted hours sometimes gives me some job security!

Well, anyway, it sounds as if some of our leaders are trying, althought they may not realize what a benefit a more local decentralized economy would be in a post-peak oil society. We definitely won't benefit from more highways running past our city, that's for sure.

My dream is to someday own a market that sells locally-produced (hopefully mostly) organic food, heirloom seeds, equipment, etc., right within the downtown area. Weekend parking lot bluegrass band and everything! I need to get to know a few local organic growers first, though! I'll tell you about my vision sometime. There isn't any thing like this for miles around Logansport and the concept is a growing, spreading phenonmenon in the upper northeast, west, and northwest. I can dream can't I?

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