Friday, May 27, 2005

A word from the big boys

Exxon's Energy Forecast Posted by Hello

ExxonMobil Corporate Citizenship - Energy Outlook

Here's an exerpt of the summary:

"Our outlook recognizes the fundamental linkage between economic growth and energy usage. We have highlighted the need for focus on accelerated efficiency gains – initiatives which extend the life of the world’s finite resources and reduce the potential for emissions. We have also emphasized the importance of technology for enabling industry to continue to produce adequate and timely supplies. Innovative and responsible ways to grow and develop the world’s resources, as well as utilize energy more efficiently, will be key.

One lesson we can draw from a long history in the energy industry is that, ultimately, market fundamentals will prevail, and that means that hydrocarbons will remain the principal source of energy for many decades to come.

In time, the energy supply system will become more diverse, but one thing is certain: because energy is essential, opportunities for economic growth may be compromised if the significant supply and demand challenges are not met.

The energy industry is critical to power the world and support growing prosperity. We at ExxonMobil plan to continue to be engaged fully in the challenges and opportunities ahead."

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