Friday, May 27, 2005

Is U.S. prepared for bird flu pandemic? - Bird Flu -

This is for real, folks.

Sorry to be off topic but this is a real possible threat. It is suggested to have some Tamiflu on-hand for all of your family members. Also taking multi-vitamins and Vitamin C is recommended. It's not here yet, but stockpiles of Tamiflu may not be available if this becomes a pandemic as discussed in the article. Tamiflu requires a prescription, so you would have to get a prescription from your doctor beforehand. The Center for Disease Control is concerned about it, and this is alarming. I can't get into it all here but the virus is an H5N1 where not many people have built up any immunities to it, and it would be very serious.


Matt said...

I actually don't think this is really off topic at all. Peak oil is happening or will be happening soon, but H5N1 is the kind of thing that is going to kick off the really bad part of the long emergency or whatever you wish to call it. Check out Effect Measure. It's your one stop shopping for everything H5N1 related.

peaknik said...

Hey thanks! That's a good find! I'm a little more aware of the threat than the average population because of my nursing background and understanding of immunology.

Even though we would all be at risk in the population, I would be particularly at risk by working with infected people in the hospital. That's really frightening to me.

I was sick quite a bit in my youth but I hardly ever get the flu now and haven't ever taken the flu shot despite my working in the healthcare field for years. I always felt that I'd be better off building up my own immunities than by relying on the shot. I'm not so sure about this strain of flu, though.