Tuesday, May 31, 2005

An Interview with Matt Savinar, author of "The Oil Age is Over" - Global Public Media

This is from May 12th but before May is over,you've got to listen to Matt. He sounds just like me, not in tone or voice but by his experiences in trying to powerdown and change his lifestyle! I had the pleasure of getting a response from him in a discussion forum concerning my daughter's path towards college next year. He basically told me (and everyone else) that his degree hasn't prepared him at all for what is coming (a law degree). He mentioned we should all be taking more classes to learn more basic skills like plumbing, etc.

I loved it in the interview when Matt was asked what he thought about hybrid vehicles. He said "a hybrid is like putting a filter on a cigarette"! Ain't it the truth! LoL

(just testing the above out for now)

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