Friday, May 06, 2005

Rising call: Cut US oil imports |

I'm all for drilling in ANWR. Go for it. The only thing I want to see for this 2-1/2 year supply is that we change over to renewables while we're doing it. Do you think we'll do it? Probably not. This article says we would only cut imports by 5 percentage points. Wow. I think that means we'd go from 60% to 55% foreign oil dependency.

There's also been some talk of a huge find in Utah. The barrels of oil per day they are claiming they could get is equal to about 45 days worth of our consumption.

If we could be the next Saudi Arabia, I think we'd already be doing it. I'm dead sure there are lots of resources untapped or on hold but we won't see it until the prices are so high that it won't be affordable to the average citizen anyway.

Which brings me to another thought. Someone posted on ROE3 today that the government has rights to any minerals (including oil) found on any private property. That's kind of scary. It wouldn't be like the Beverly Hillbillies now would it?!? Black gold....Texas tea....only in the movies, huh?

It also bothers me that the prez wants oil refineries to be built on government property (closed-down military bases). If oil ever became scarce and that were the case, the government would have some control over that now wouldn't it?

Read the link I gave above (if it works!). It's pretty good.

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