Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mitch Daniels, You've Met Your Match

Bill Maher blogged a good one on Arianna Huffington's new celebrity blog (added to links section at right).

While Gov. Daniels (IN) is rolling around Indiana in his "donated" RV and "donated" biodiesel fuel gifts (nevermind his opposition to state workers receiving a liter of Sprite from the Coca-Cola vendor while on his route), it looks like the prez is trying to upstage him by talking the talk. I'm going to sit back and watch to see if he walks the walk when this energy bill lands on his desk for a signature.

Once more, are we going to eat or drive, for God's sake? An increase of half million to 44 million barrels of biodiesel production in 5 years? I say the upscaled better move into town to allow more room for agriculture in suburbia for this one!

I get mad at you sometimes, Mr. Maher, but this was a good blog spot!

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