Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nurse Pinning Ceremony 1997--(me in white) Posted by Hello


Bill said...

Just saw your announcement on ROE2 and wanted to offer you encouragement. I have had a blog for a long time and really only post when I am moved. It is a good way to vent.
If you want to link to other web pages you can install a button on your browser that will let you post to your blog from anywhere. That really makes the process spontaneous and fun. The button is also on the Google toolbar or can be installed as an extension on Firefox. Good luck.

peaknik said...

Thank you very much Bill. Don't have much time until tonight but I'm going to check out this Google toolbar. Lastnight I figured out how to download the hit counter and I feel like I accomplished something big!

I looked at your blog(s) and looks good! May provide a link to yours soon. (I'm a "link fanatic" right now since I learned how to do that)

I must go out and plant some things since it's so nice out today. Have a wonderful day!

Bill said...
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Bill said...

Here is a link to help on the button I was talking about.

Drag the link that they indicate to the link toolbar on your browser. Then when you click on that button you will get a little window with a space to write in and a link to whatever page you are on automatically entered. The exact setup will depend on how you have your blog posts set up. Write your comments and then publish. Your comments and the link will appear in your blog. Bingo.

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