Saturday, May 21, 2005

sustainable journey

I was browsing through some of the peak oil webring sites/blogs and I found this blog that is so neat! It's exactly where I'd like to be and what I'd be doing if I could!!! Sustainable journey is the blog. I'll have to definitely add this one to my links section.

It's so funny to see that someone else is actually trying out the beekeeping! This year, I decided to experiment with gardening for my first time, so I put the beekeeping class on hold until next year (can't get too many irons in the fire). A local community college offers a beekeeping class every year but it has to start in January when the weather is so bad and I'd have to make a slippery drive to the class. I also probably can't keep bees so close to the elementary school that is next to where I live. I'd have to find a safe location. It IS one of my goals, though. I WILL do it. No mistake. I like honey! :)

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