Friday, May 13, 2005

List of Things Made from Oil

This isn't exclusive but just a start of a list of things derived from petroleum to give you a clear picture of how much we are dependent on oil:

ink,dishwashing liquids, paint brushes, telephones, toys, unbreakable dishes, insecticides, antiseptics, dolls, fishing lures, deodorant, tires, motorcycle helmets, linoleum, sweaters, tents, refrigerator linings, paint rollers, floor wax, shoes, electrician's tape, plastic wood, glue, roller-skate wheels, trash bags, soap dishes, skis, hand lotion, dyes, soft contact lenses, shampoo, panty hose, cameras, food preservatives, oil filters, combs, transparent tape, anesthetics, upholstery, dice, disposable diapers, TV cabinets, cassettes, mops, sports car bodies, house paint, eye glasses, ice chests, ammonia, synthetic rubber, boats, credit cards, fertilizers, crayons, insect repellant, balloons, shower curtains, garden hose, golf balls, umbrellas, detergents, volleyballs, nail polish, antihistamines, rubbing alcohol, rubber cement, carpeting, aspirin, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, petroleum jelly, cortizone, heart valves, computers, vehicle parts, hearing aids, lipstick, luggage, roofing, yarn, hair coloring, guitar strings, false teeth, artificial limbs, ball point pens, wading pools, plastic utensils, plates and cups, perfume, tupperware, .......basically anything you can see around you that is made from plastic. Isn't this amazing?

Think of this one. There are men and women dying in battle right now so that we can have these things. Use them wisely and just don't throw them away if you don't have to. It's patriotic. Recycle. You know the mantra--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These things are made from a finite resource that may one day be so expensive that they will become unaffordable to the average joe. Also add in the cost of transporting these goods to you. The trucks drive on wheels made from petroleum and they use gas for the transport. Also, don't forget the packaging which is also derived from petroleum.

Don't just think about transportation when you think of oil depletion. Think about all the mowers that rev up daily to mow yards! Unbelievable, huh?

Then I think of all the medical equipment I work with. The catheters, bandaids, tourniquets, pens, pill cups, medicine packaging, medicines, IV bags and tubings, monitors, wires, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, call lights,.......I feel like I work in the Matrix of oil--a fabricated world. Can this last forever??

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