Thursday, May 05, 2005


I guess an introduction from the blog is in order. Welcome! I really don't have anything to link to yet. I'll find out how to do that when the time comes. This blog is probably going to end up being a mixture of all kinds of things. Mostly, this will be about peak oil related subjects. I'll probably include gardening, sustainability, politics, and some things about faith as well. They're all interconnected anyway!

I need to get a roll of film developed, and when I do, I'll post some of my gardening progress pictures, too. This is my first year with a garden and I'm learning as I go, basically. Today was beautiful. I planted out my tomatoes, some orange, red, green and hot wax peppers, celery, and broccoli! I also direct-seeded my corn, carrots, radishes, and lettuce. Tomorrow I'm going to have to finish direct seeding the rest. It's supposed to be really nice.....

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