Monday, May 23, 2005

Peak Oil Goes Hollywood

Watch this trailer for a preview of "Oil Storm" to be shown on FX, June 5th @ 8pm. It's really weird to see peak oil become commercialized. People probably won't take it very seriously now since it's "in the movies". Actually, I think it's just a disaster movie about losing some oil tankers that would affect our supply suddenly but it has the same jist(sp?). Good thing I don't have to work that night so I can see it.

That's funny, because I hardly watch TV anymore unless it's cnbc. They're the only station that analyzes and talks about energy at any length because of the stock market. Yep, follow the money. It's always FOLLOW THE MONEY! I'm totally obsessed aren't I? Boy when that price of crude went skyrocketing and the stocks almost dipped below 10,000 a couple weeks ago they couldn't talk about anything else. You could tell there were some darn nervous investors out there! It's so interesting to see how the analysts and commentators try to rationalize every high and low in the market. You can tell how their moods swing right along with the market.

I honestly think the prices are being kept artificially low right now in order for the summer driving season to kick in full throttle to keep the economy looking good. Heh, did you catch that? I'm calling $1.98 "artificially low"! It's like a roller coaster...each time the price gets higher, then it dips but never below previously reached high. Ew. I hope we don't have to "free-fall" before we get off.

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