Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Journey (Suburban mom blog)

Someone needs to wake this girl up! Specifically read the entries for April 18th, 29th, and May 4th. She knows something isn't quite right but can't pin it down! Here's an exerpt:

"I had the most awful dream last night.

My parents, my sisters and I were on vacation in a tropical paradise. We were driving along the beach-front street when my dad let my mother and me out of the car so we could walk into the village to go shopping. As we looked into town, we admired the odd blend of ancient architecture and modern sprawl, with a sprinking of poverty stricken shacks thrown in for good measure. We were making our way through the town towards a center that consisted of several tall buildings when I happened to turn around and glance at the sea, which should have been peacefully lapping at the beach.

What I saw instead was a terrible tsunami making its way inland, straight towards us. I tried desperately to tell my mother what was coming, but I couldn't get my message across. I grabbed her arm and we ran together towards what amounted to a set of stadium bleachers against a 3 story high wall. We climbed as high as we could, slipping and grasping all the way because for some reason the stairs were muddy. We finally reached the top, which turned out to be a balcony for a building, rather than just a wall, and we stayed on top of the balcony to watch the water swirling around us. We stood there together, crying, as the water finally receded.

My mother had lost her glasses somewhere during our escape, so she couldn't really see what was going on. I decided that she would be safest there, since she was high enough to avoid the water should it come again, but that I needed to try to find my father and my sisters. I could not face the fact that they had probably been among the first to be swept out into the ocean. I went down through the building as the steps we had come up were gone, and tried to find my way through town. I had only made it half way back through town to the beach when I saw the next wave. I scrambled up a fallen concrete wall to avoid the rushing water this time, and was barely above the water line. I waited for the water to recede again, and climbed back down the wall."........

Her blog was featured on the front page of my msn homepage.

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