Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kevin Drum--peak oil part 2

The Washington Monthly

I don't recall seeing this post on anyone else's blog. There's a link to 'part 1' in the text. I'll have to look for a 'part 3'. There are lots of fun comments to read on there, too.

on edit: This is a funny comment I found on there I just had to post it! Even though I consider myself a believer, I'm not a believer in the "secret rapture theory" so I can poke fun at this:

"As anyone with half a brain can tell you, production in the US has gone down because of governmental regulations (environmental and such.) That's why not one new oil field has been erected in the US in years. And that is the reason for the decline. If the free market were allowed to work, high oil prices would trigger new exploration and digging in fields where the marginal cost would warrant at the higher price.


Three degrees in Geology\GeoChem and twenty years in the business has convinced me that it's pointless to argue with people that can't understand the word FINITE. If God would just rapture up these idiots (since they want to go so bad), we could tack another 100 yrs on the peak and buy enough time for those that are "left behind" to maybe switch to alternatives."

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