Friday, May 06, 2005

Green Roofs

I'd like to see gardens on these rooftops!

I had an article published recently on energy policy in our local newspaper about what we could do in our community to become more sustainable. One of my suggestions was that I would like to see more rooftop gardens which could save businesses on energy costs as these costs continue to rise in the future. Now I'm not sure these buildings here at Eastgate Plaza would be able to hold tons of dirt but I'm sure that adding some type of greenery on the top would help. They just look so ugly everytime I drive down this hill from my home everyday, and having more greenery up there always crosses my mind eveytime I go by. They did such a good job of decorating the front that they forgot about what I had to look at every day I come down this hill! Check out this picture of a green rooftop. Posted by Hello

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