Friday, June 03, 2005

Books, bikes, breadmakers, bunnies & boas

Okay, Code Three, you talked me into buying Kuntsler's book and reading it from your most recent post. The bad thing about reading these books is that after I read one, I want everyone else to read it, too. Then I can't get anyone to WANT to read it. So when I finally find someone that says they are interested, I'm afraid that when I give it to them, they'll never read it and never give it back! That's happened on several occassions. But thanks for sparking my interest Code Three! It's on my "list".

At the top of my agenda for today was to find a bike at a garage sale. Nothing piqued my interest regarding quality with price. Most of them were kids' bikes like I thought. I've also been looking for a good bookshelf because of all the prep books I'm buying and planning to buy. Didn't find it yet, either.

While garage-saling, it amazed me about all of the useless JUNK people have. I mean really. Every sale was all about nicnacs or clothes. My Lord, I thought about all the energy it took to make all of this junk! I like Longaberger and everything because it's a durable product but $40 for a used one? Come on!

There is a breadmaker for sale in one of tomorrow's sales but I started thinking of how I would operate it during a blackout this summer or when we can't afford electricity any longer? I guess it would be useful now for me to just learn how to make bread--period.

I think I'll have to bypass it because I need to spend some time in the garden tomorrow building a fortress around my garden. To date, a little bunny (I think) has eaten off the tops of my tomato plants and my sunflowers. My carrots will probably be next.

He was looking at me JUST like that! Posted by Hello

Within the next week I'll have a picture of the little bunny that I took while I was watering the garden. He was watching me water the garden from underneath some fence sections laying in the yard. He stayed long enough for me to run to the house, grab the camera and walk back nonchalantly to water the lawn to take the picture. Yesterday, I had just picked one of my first radishes and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Picture me jumping up and down on the fence sections with radish in hand, trying to scare him out. No luck. I sprinkled cayenne pepper around all the plants the other day but it rained the next day. So, today I bought a fake snake and put it right in the garden. Within the last hour, I looked out and a bird was standing right by it. So much for the snake idea. Tomorrow it's helping out with putting up fence posts and making a cage for my garden out of chicken wire........I need to figure out how to do all of this for when TSHTF.....

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