Friday, June 24, 2005

Court OKs land seizure for private projects

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Court OKs land seizure for private projects

This is disturbing. What's even more disturbing, and I hate to point it out, is that the justices that voted for it were some of the more liberal ones. This is more of my libertarian side coming out. I'd really like to hear their reasoning on this ruling. Sometimes I feel both sides of the political spectrum have a mutual agenda. It seems states' and individual rights are being wiped out in favor of a more totalitarian state....and both sides seem the culprits only in different situations! What the heck is going on? What can we do!? Why must everything APPEAR to be so polarized politically yet both sides develop the same outcome...which is an erosion of the rights of the people in favor of government and businesses?

Imagine this. (It's already happening in southern Indiana for highway development, here in my city where they want to expand a runway to our small airport, and probably elsewhere for a long time) Imagine that you have a large farm and are involved in a CSA but you just happen to be in the path of where the state or federal government is proposing a new highway. Or imagine a large corporation wanting to locate in or near your ailing, low-employment city. You can now be evicted from your land in order for the highway or the large corporation to build on it. I realize this is done quite a bit already but to hear of the supreme court approving something like this is really unnerving.

I don't know what to think anymore.

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