Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Senate passes energy bill, House talks loom

cnn money

Someone else may be able to direct me to another, more detailed look at this energy bill but do any of you see anywhere where there are any incentives for the "consumer"??? I sure would like to see some big tax break for me to build solar panels or wind generation or for buying a bicycle or a soy diesel-run or hybrid vehicle!!!! Of course we won't see incentives for getting off the grid, though, because then the power companies wouldn't make any money!

Or what about mass conservation!? Where is it for the love of God!

Let's face it. We are never going to see any incentives that will benefit us. We are definitely on our own. Well, I didn't expect any surprises, I guess...

A family member just told me to quit "looking under the rock" for everything! LOL

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