Thursday, June 02, 2005

How to buy a hybrid

Union of Concerned Scientists

I subscribe to this newsletter and it has some useful information. As my lease ends in December on my Jeep, I'll be looking around at what's available. I also have to talk to my dear husband. We've always bought Chryslers because his dad is retired from there and we always get a greenslip, so having him agree to buy a car with better gas mileage will take some work! I wish Chrysler would come out with something along these lines. It probably won't be soon enough (December). I'm not looking too hard right now but I will be. I definitely know we won't be leasing anymore. It's been nice driving newer cars but I'm tired of paying for something that won't be mine. It's still been a hefty payment and I'm tired of the higher insurance, too. We may even buy used this time. I definitely need a small truck for hauling gardening things. Alot of things to think about coming up for us. I would like to buy a used truck that might have the ability to run on biodiesel later, if I can only get my spouse interested in making it.

He's one of those who conceptualizes the idea of peak oil but he's in the camp of "we can't do anything about it, so why do anything about it". I'm thinking I'm driving him crazy because peak oil has become a part of me and the way I view everything anymore. But he accepts me and all of my obsessions!

Who knows? Maybe we'll be walking and biking in the near future? I'm going to try to go garage-saling tomorrow morning to look for bikes. Hope I find something. I'm hitting all the places with ads that say they have bikes. They'll probably all be tricycles! The bike I get probably won't be one of those $2000 bikes like I'd like but it will be better than nothing at the moment!

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