Sunday, June 19, 2005

Please Read....This is a must read from Common Dreams

Maybe I'm just feeling a little emotional tonight but this article touched me on the important need for us to do something about our lifestyles....and SOON. As soon as we can people! I realize that more and more people are waking up but it just doesn't seem fast enough. I don't know what else I can do. I feel like a tortoise and the world is spinning frantically around me going nowhere as I try to walk against the wind. I see small steps of which is encouraging. At the same time, however, I look all around me and see such waste. Waste of time. Waste of mindless drivel coming from media. Just waste. Incognizant people centered around nothing but their own little microcosmic world. Pure blindness. More than apathy. Sometimes even a deliberate shutout of the finiteness of life. There may be notable appreciation of life but no value or respect for the responsibility of the role we play in for future generations on this earth. I'm not against enjoying the day but I can only enjoy the day if I'm doing something worthwhile for tomorrow's recipients. I wish others could feel this feeling I feel. I'm sure many others (especially you who are reading this) do feel this way but evidently there aren't enough of us. Go ahead and read on.......

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